Quiet Times for Graduate Students

Every time there's a transition in my life- a new semester, for example, I have to stop and think about how I am creating "Grace-based rhythms for spending time with Jesus." (Vacaro, 2022) In my life, a Quiet Time routine has often served as a great way to prioritize spending time 1-on-1 with Jesus, my most important relationship. Revelation 2:4 warns Christians that they can lose focus on the ONE most important thing- nurturing our love...

How to Study the Bible

A Framework for any passage of Scripture Discover for Yourself The following method is designed to help you discover the core message of a passage and experience Jesus in his Word. Whether you are new to the Bible or...

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Winter Conference

Author of Following Jesus in a Warming World joins us for a winter conference. Stay tuned for more details!

Books for Graduate Students

Get your free copy of this devotional while supplies last at our Thursday evening gatherings. Want a copy sooner? You can purchase one online anytime at The Emerging Scholars Blog. Looking for something different? See our Recommended Books List....

Resources for Engaging the University

Click here to access Resources for Engaging the University. Vision How do 21st Century Christians engage every aspect of the 21st Century university? An exciting rise in initiatives to engage the university can be seen across the world – in Boston...

Evangelism in a Skeptical World

Join others on a quest to make the unbelievable news about Jesus more believable. How do you be fully present and fully you unapologetically- including being open that you are a person of faith? How do you share your...

World Changers Manifesto

World Changers Manifesto

One thing became crystal clear during the pandemic. As I spent more time alone with God, I felt inspired to write what I call the "World Changers Manifesto". It's a statement of my most important priorities, a sense of...


A few recommended churches..

Here are some of the churches we attend- join us! The Commons Church- https://thecommonschurch.org/. Very campus focused, 2 services, 80% under 30yrs old. Trinity Church– https://wearetrinity.com/- this is mega church in the Lansing area. 3 services- Saturday night at...

How to Study the Bible

https://vimeo.com/251841744 Look at an ancient manuscript, ask great questions of the text, and be surprised at the practical relevance for your life today!

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